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Oak Learning Partnership

Oak Learning Partnership was established in April 2019 by Elms Bank and Unsworth Primary School. At the same time the Partnership was given the opportunity, by the Department for Education, to sponsor Hazel Wood High School. The Partnership was delighted to accept this offer. Consequently, three schools now form Oak Learning Partnership are:

  • Elms Bank
  • Unsworth Primary School
  • Hazel Wood High School

Inclusion is at the heart of our Trust and this, along with a strong moral purpose, was the common bond that forged the partnership between the three schools. Any schools wishing to join our Trust in the future must demonstrate that they share the same passion.


Strategic Ambitions

Oak Learning Partnership is in its infancy. However, we have agreed a small number of strategic ambitions that will guide the Trust’s work and that of the 3 schools over the coming months. These do not represent the entirety of our ambitions but, at the present time, are the ones that are the greatest priority.

1. Our ambition for our business is:

  • To develop a cost-effective central team of high quality professionals which will support the organisation across a range of areas and which can, in the future, offer its services commercially to other organisations;
  • To have a growth strategy that is based on a clear rationale, a strong financial footing and which articulates our collective commitment to inclusion.

2. Our ambition for our schools is that:

  • They will be able to clearly demonstrate, by their self evaluation systems, that they are improving schools and continuously responding to the changing needs of their population and, when inspected by Ofsted, they will be graded at least “good”;
  • They will offer an inclusive, exciting curriculum, which is child-centred, tailored to the needs of the individual and which offers bespoke pathways.

3. Our ambition for our pupils is that:

  • They will make good or better progress based on their individual starting points and their specific needs;
  • They will be extremely well prepared academically, socially and emotionally when they leave each school to move onto the next phase of their life or for adulthood.

4. Our ambition for our staff is that:

  • They will provide high quality teaching to all our pupils;
  • They will be given the opportunity to further develop their skills through a quality programme of continuous professional development and they will respond positively to this opportunity.

5. Our ambition for our community is that:

  • There is open engagement with parents, carers, residents, local businesses and community groups which fosters trusting and respectful working relationships;
  • An ethos of co-production drives the development of policy to build strong partnerships with all the Trust’s stakeholders.


Ambition to Action

In order to achieve our ambitions:

  • Each school will set out, in the School Development Plan, its priorities and how they will contribute to achieving our ambitions.
  • The Trustees will set out in their business action plan, the actions that they will take to contribute to achieving our ambitions.
  • There will also, in the future, be joint priorities where all three schools work together on common themes across all schools
SOS - report a safeguarding concern