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The Hazel Wood Curriculum

‘At Hazel Wood High School, we have a newly developed curriculum in place. This new curriculum approach is outlined in our intent statement below, we call this our ‘Learning Journey’’

The Hazel Wood Learning Journey - Our Intent.

Our intent is to provide a curriculum that upholds our core values of Respect, Responsibility and Aspiration. The Hazel Wood learning journey provides opportunities for our diverse and disadvantaged community to bridge gaps and build aspirations. It places our students on the right path to compete with their peers and fulfil their hopes of a successful and positive future.

We intend to provide a curriculum that offers both breadth and depth at the right stages of learning and also maintains the integrity of individual subjects. Our learning journey is sequenced to build both knowledge and key skills. We are committed to following the National Curriculum, complimented at KS3 by a range of engaging subjects, which offer our students a variety of transferrable skills; and, at KS4, a choice of qualifications for our young people to study.

Our Curriculum places an emphasis on spoken language and literacy, particularly reading. We aim to offer our students a wide range of opportunities that allow them to develop discussion and oracy skills. their reading, writing and communication skills and, with the use of collaborative learning structures, their social skills.

Our learning journey places an emphasis on personal, social, health and citizenship education to build well developed, healthy and resilient young people. We aim to ensure our young people are work ready through Careers opportunities developed across our entire curriculum. Our young people can take part in curricular and extra-curricular opportunities that enrich their lives, providing experiences to build cultural capital, and positive memories of their time at Hazel Wood High School.

Our learning journey recognises and celebrates cultural diversity; it aims to be fully inclusive and recognises that inclusivity can be different and personal.

Hazel Wood High School

The Learning Journey

The Hazel Wood student will be:

·         Respectful, Responsible & Aspirational

·         Equipped to overcome barriers and disadvantage.

·         Positive about diversity and respectful of all cultures

·         Healthy in body and mind, safe and happy

·         Given opportunities to develop their reading, writing and communication skills

·         Given opportunities to enrich their lives with experiences that provide lasting positive memories and            develop the skills for lifelong learning.

·         Given guidance on careers and aspirations that makes them life ready.

·         Well qualified in a variety of skills and appropriate knowledge

·         Given every opportunity to be included and to succeed.

Over the last two years we have been dedicated to re-designing our curriculum offer and curriculum approach. We now have fully detailed Medium-Term Plans in place for each subject, which have gone through effective quality assurance processes to ensure that the Hazel Wood curriculum intent is evident in each subject area. These have been designed so that they are relevant for our demographic and sequence learning effectively to ensure pupils know more and remember more and are taught the relevant knowledge that allows them to develop skills for life. These plans cover the National Curriculum key programmes of study at KS3; and cover a range of relevant and suitable qualifications at KS4. Curriculum Plans are reviewed annually to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of each cohort and close any gaps resulting from national lockdowns.

On this website you will find our updated 5-year subject overview curriculum plans which we have in place for the academic year 2021-2022.

Parents can find full and comprehensive information in the attached Curriculum Policy

Reading, Writing and Communication at Hazel Wood High School

Intent of the Hazel Wood Reading, Writing and Communication Policy   

At Hazel Wood High school, we recognise that the development of reading, writing and communication is an entitlement for every pupil, regardless of their starting points, backgrounds and their ability to read, write and communicate in English when they join us. By improving our students’ ability to read, write and communicate, we know this will have significant impact on every child’s future. The information below will provide some details about the work that we are currently undertaking to embed a curriculum that ensures this entitlement for every one of our students. 

This academic year, we are working with several organisations in order to meet the needs of our students. We are working with: 

  • The National Literacy Trust to train all staff on how to ensure that literacy in every subject discipline is appropriately taught to support all of our students.  
  • Words for All on our strategies to support students to develop their vocabulary and reading skills 
  • Voice 21 to develop bespoke strategies, and opportunities, when developing all students’ communication skills 
  • GL Assessments so that we can use diagnostic software to identify the needs of every student and analyse the impact of our reading, writing and communication interventions 
  • Oxford University Press in order to provide early reading intervention for students that join us, who are significantly below age related expectations; or are international new arrivals.  
  • Ruth Miskin Training so that every teacher and teaching assistant will understand how to use phonic interventions to support learning  
  • Our work is also significantly aligned with, and based on, recommendations from the education Endowment Fund 


The Aims of our strategy for the academic year of 2021.22 

  • To implement a reading for pleasure strategy that encapsulates all year groups and all students, celebrating reading at every opportunity, as we strive to develop our students love of reading. 
  • To implement reading catch up programmes that target every child whose reading age is more than one year below their chronological age. 
  • To implement a vocabulary building strategy that supports students in developing their vocabulary and closes the ‘word gaps’; enabling all students to access the curriculum 
  • For every curriculum area to have an extended writing strategy in both KS3 and KS4 
    To embed a whole school approach to text types that uses deconstruct to reconstruct (using reading to inform writing)  
  • To use structured talk, across the curriculum, as a way to develop students’ social skills and language acquisition, ensuring our students are ready and able to access their next steps. 


For a reading list, please see the document under the side menu titled: Reading, Writing and Communication at Hazel Wood High School

Broad Oak Key Stage 4 (End of Secondary School) Results

Hazel Wood High School opened on the 2nd September 2019 as a sponsored Academy as part of Oak Learning Partnership.

The school was formerly known as Broad Oak Sports College. Our new school launched following significant improvement works and it is a school we are very proud of. As you will be aware, we had Centre Assessed grades in our first year as Hazel Wood High School, and in our second year this was Teacher Grades - both of which are not reported upon. 

Last year 21.4% of our pupils achieved the English Baccalaureate combination of subjects (this means pupils who received a grade 4-9 in English, Maths, 2 Sciences, a language and History or Geography). This is something we will now build upon post pandemic. 

A link to the school and college performance tables service can be found here

The following exam results are from Broad Oak Sports College;

  School Results
  Broad Oak Broad Oak Broad Oak/ Hazel Wood
  2017 2018 2019
Progress 8 Score -1.12 -0.71 -0.94

Attainment 8 Score (%)

32.8 34.3 32.8
Grade 5, or above, in English & Maths (%) 12 18 19
English Baccalaureate (EBacc) Average Points   3.21 3.01
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