Additional Needs Support
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Additional Needs Support for Students

At Hazel Wood High School, we offer a range of support interventions for pupils who may find parts of being in high school difficult.

We have a team of trained support staff, who focus on specialist areas such as literacy, numeracy and social skills.

We also provide additional support for pupils where English is not their first language through specialist staffing and work with the Curriculum and Language Access Service (CLAS).

Support can be provided in lots of different ways. We have a room within school where targeted 1:1 or small groups sessions are delivered; and activities at social times take place.

We also work with pupils in timetabled lessons to provide a personalised approach to accessing the curriculum in different subject disciplines.

Regardless of need, if pupils find school a challenge, either because of social, emotional difficulties or if there are academic barriers to learning, all of our teaching and pastoral staff are well trained to notice, check and try different strategies to help our students. When needs are identified, we support and work with our students to see if there is a specific Learning Difficulty that we need to explore.

Families who also have concerns regarding the development of their child can contact school to discuss their worry. We will support all of our families, working together to investigate and find a solution in partnership,  looking at the use of outside agencies, where required.

Hazel Wood High School SENCO

Hazel Wood High School SENCO

The SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) at Hazel Wood High School is Mrs Pilkington.

Mrs Pilkington is a key point of contact for teachers, pupils, parents and other agencies and can offer support and advice for the identification of needs and suitable provision to meet those needs.

Through the management of provision Mrs Pilkington maintains an overview of the progress of pupils with SEND and will seek to develop practice to ensure the effectiveness of interventions and support.

Should you wish to speak with Mrs Pilkington please contact our school reception.


SOS - report a safeguarding concern