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Community Donation from Vision for Education

Posted on Friday 1st January 2021

Vision for Education  

Photo From left to right Olivia Flinter, Senior Consultant and Melissa Worthington.

Vision for Education have delivered 15 large bags of shopping for our families.

Quote :

As a Supply Agency, we firmly believe we have a responsibility to invest back into our schools and communities. We also believe that irrespective of whether a school works with us or not, we should still be providing the same opportunities and support to children across the area. The “Giving Back Program” we operate is free to access for schools. We have a fund set aside that allows us to do this and whilst this is finite, and we know we can not have impact everywhere, we are keen to help out in whatever way possible. I live in Bury and actually used to live on Willow Street and feel privileged that I am in a position to help in this way, it really is one of the highlights of my job and makes me feel proud to work for Vision for Education.

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