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Community Donation of Laptops

Posted on Wednesday 31st March 2021

InfoTech expertly erased all data, and reinstated an up-to-date Windows 10 operating system, ready for the students to use.

Lee Murphy, Assistant Head, was thrilled to receive the donated laptops: "We knew at the start of the pandemic that a lot of our students would have to share devices or struggle to use smart phones during lockdown to attend their online classes.

These donations have greatly benefitted some of our students with these struggles, and even though lockdown is lifting, these laptops will help us continue to provide the best education service we can during these rocky times."


Olivia Gartland Year 9 student said " When Lockdown first hit, I was trying to do work at home in my books, as I only had my phone to work off,  and I was really struggling , but school gave me a laptop and it meant that the last lockdown I could join online lessons, complete homework and talk to the Teacher. Now we are all back in school, I still use it for doing my homework and doing extra online lessons to improve my Maths and I know that if we have to work from home that I still can get lessons and not miss any work"


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