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Hazel Wood welcomes Chinese exchange students

Posted on Thursday 1st February 2024

Over the last academic year, students at Hazel Wood have been welcoming international children from various different provinces across China. The children come over to the UK on an exchange programme that is organised by a local education company. So far, we have welcomed over 150 Chinese children into Hazel Wood, where they have been 'buddied' up with one of our students; joined them in their lessons and been taught by our teachers. The international students come to us on placements of up to three days and are fully immersed in the  our school and culture. 

Our students fully embrace the days when our international guests join us and there is a brilliant buzz around school, as Hazel Wood High students proudly show our guests everything that we have to offer, both in school and in UK culture. We were thrilled to hear some of the feedback from the organisation that brings our visitors to us. Here are the words from our colleagues who orchestrate these wonderful experiences for our students: 

On behalf of our organisation and teachers from Jiangsu Province, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the warm hospitality to our Chinese students during the two-day immersion programme. All the students and teaching had wonderful experiences in Hazel Wood High School to exchange culture and knowledge. The provision of buddies to accompany our students throughout their learning journey was a highlight of their experience. These buddies helped our students engage a lot, worked together on various learning tasks, and fostered deep friendships in such a short time. The enthusiasm and support from lovely buddies made our students feel welcomed and valued. 

Also, our teachers mentioned, they had inspiring takeaways from the creative and interesting teaching methods in Hazel Wood High School which not only made learning enjoyable but significantly motivated our students. The encouragement and support provided by every teacher has left a deep impression on them, with some expressing a keen interest in pursuing further studies at Hazel Wood High School. 

During our closing presentation, students shared how our immersion programme has inspired them to improve their English language skills and explore the world more broadly. This remarkable experience has planted a seed of hope in them, nurturing aspirations to make a difference in the world someday. 

In reflecting on our time spent at Hazel Wood High School, it became clear that the spirit of Hazel Wood permeated every interaction and exchange. Our students and teachers felt a deep connection to the values that Hazel Wood embodies, respect, responsibility, and aspiration. We are grateful for this opportunity to have been part of such a welcoming and nurturing community. We look forward to future collaborations and continuing to inspire and transform students’ lives.

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