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Reading for Pleasure

Posted on Friday 7th January 2022

Members of staff generously donated good quality children's books for different ages, abilities and interests. These were placed across a table in one of our English classrooms emulating a beautiful display in a book store. Students were invited to take a book of their choice to give as a gift for a younger loved one at Christmas. We even provided a wrapping service so that the gifts could be presented with pride. Wonderfully, we went through three tables worth of books, all wrapped and ready for their new homes. The students loved the fact that they could choose a book for a sister/brother or cousin and were excited about the idea of seeing them open them on Christmas day. It also sparked conversations about reading to younger ones and questions about why maybe they don't read as much now, which in turn led to them taking an age-appropriate book for themselves from the book lucky dip! The gift of a story is priceless and we're so happy that the students embraced the initiative with enthusiasm and warmth. 


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