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HWHS works with City of Trees to receive 455 trees in our grounds

Posted on Monday 15th March 2021

City of Trees is the Community Forest for Greater Manchester. We work with communities, organisations and businesses to build an ambitious movement. Whilst also delivering green recovery and tackling the climate emergency head on!

City of Trees aim is to plant a tree for every citizen in the city region within the next five years.

City of Trees goals

Plant 3 million trees, one for every person across Greater Manchester, within 5 years.
Restore our greenspaces and woodlands for the benefit of both communities and wildlife.
Inspire a passion for trees and woods. City of Trees is also the Greater Manchester part of the Northern Forest – an ambitious plan to plant 50 million trees stretching from Liverpool to Hull within the next 25 years.

Trees and woodlands will provide us, our climate and our economy with many benefits.

×          The trees we plant will help clean and cool the air.

×          Reduce the flow of floodwater and stabilise soil.

×          Provide resources such as timber and food.

×          Improve our emotional wellbeing, mental and physical health for all generations.

×          Reduce noise pollution as well as improve and create habitats/corridors for wildlife.

×          Enhance site specific aesthetic and economic value.

×          Woodlands act as carbon sinks and reducing our carbon emissions is a key contributor in tackling our current climate emergency.

At Hazel Wood High School, City of Trees delivery team planted approximately 455 trees in four plots surrounding the school grounds.

The small copse plot in the school playground includes species such as Guelder Rose and Elder. These were added to enhance emotional wellbeing as both species provide vibrant autumnal colours and blossom. These trees will also add aesthetic appeal to the outdoor break area for both teachers and pupils.

The remaining plots surrounding the school were created using species such as Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Lime, Pedunculate/Sessile Oak, Beech, Hornbeam, Silver/Downy Birch, Aspen, Holly, Wild/Bird Cherry, Guelder Rose and Elder.

These species have also been used particularly to reduce noise and air pollution from the neighbouring motorway. With species such as Holly, Blackthorn, Beech and many more being included to increase security for the school.

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