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Please find useful overview information about our school on this page. If you want to contact us for any further information, please get in touch

Who's Who

  • Headteacher - Mr. P. Greenhalgh
  • CEO of Trust - Mrs E. Parkinson
  • Executive Headteacher - Mrs. C. Reynolds
  • Deputy Headteacher - Mrs. J. Holden
  • SENCO - Mr Murphy
  • Head of Year 7 - Miss N Hunter
  • Pastoral Manager (Year 7) - Ms Rourke


A Typical School Day

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Wednesday
8.45 - Arrival 8.45 - Arrival
8.55 - Morning registration 8.55 - Lesson 1
9.25 - Lesson 1 9.55 - Lesson 2
10.25 - Lesson 2 10.55 - Break
11.25 - Break 11.10 - Lesson 3
11.40 - Lesson 3 12.10 - Lunch
12.40 - Lunch 12.45 - Lesson 4
1.15 - Lesson 4 1.45 - Lesson 5
2.15 - Lesson 5 2.45 - End of School
3.10 - End of School  


There is a useful document on this page to share with your child, A-Z of Things for Students to Know, which covers what to do in case of an accident, explains our Cashless System, corridor behaviour, equipment etc. Please take the time to read this with your child.

Please also see the Home School Agreement download on this page.

How can I help my child?

TALK: with them about what they are doing at school.  Show you are interested.

UNIFORM: Check that they have the correct school uniform

EQUIPMENT: Check that they have the correct equipment.  A pencil, pen, ruler and rubber are essential along with a school bag.

JOURNAL: All students are given a journal.  Please check it and sign it each week.  It can be used for holiday dates, homework and reminders.  It also can be used for sending messages between school and home. 

HOMEWORK: Please encourage them by providing a quiet area in the house.   Their homework timetable is in their journal.  All pupils’ homework should be written in their journal, although it can also be viewed on ‘Show My Homework’ for which you and your child will receive login details. If there seems to be gaps and you are concerned please contact your child’s form tutor.

The school’s Learning Resource Centre, The Hub is available each day during lunchtime and until 4.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please encourage your child to use this excellent facility.

ATTENDANCE: If your child is going to be absent please contact the school and let us know.  The school office is open from 8.15 a.m. each day.  We expect high levels of attendance.  It is illegal to take holidays in school time as this will affect your child’s education. If your child is absent from school, we would expect you to contact us immediately.

SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS: If you feel your child needs extra help with a particular subject please contact their form tutor so that we can look into the appropriate help.  Extra reading and spelling classes are run for those who need support in these areas. You could also contact our SENCO Mr Murphy.

CLUBS: We encourage Year 7 students to be involved in as many clubs and activities as possible.  Please encourage them to join some of the many activities we have available – more details are available on our school website.

CONTACT WITH SCHOOL:  If you have any information to pass on to the school about your child being ill or some similar information, you should telephone the school on 0161 7976543.  If you would like to discuss an issue concerning your child please contact their Form Tutor or one of the Pastoral Team.
If you have any complaints re: school, staff, policies or procedures please do contact the school secretary to seek guidance on complaints procedures.

If any issues arise where you feel you need to talk with school, please contact your child’s form tutor, Miss Hunter (Head of Year 7) or Miss Rourke (Pastoral Manager). You can reach them via the school office on 0161 7976543.

ILLNESS: If you feel your child might be too ill to go to school but you aren’t sure, send them anyway; we will contact you if there is a problem.  It is very important therefore, that we have up to date contact numbers.

DINNERTIME: Remember – all children stay on the premises at dinnertime so you know they are safe. 

CATERING ARRANGEMENTS: A separate pack will be provided, giving information about Broad Oak’s cashless system. Parents should also receive information regarding free school meals.

PARENT PAY: We now operate a Parent Pay system for any money coming into school for trips, uniform etc.. You will need to set up your account using the activation details included in the letter.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE: Leave of absence is now only given in exceptional circumstances. Please make your request in writing to the Headteacher.

LOST PROPERTY: If your child claims something has been stolen at school, please contact us.  We have very little theft, but a lot of pupils do lose things and fail to collect them from lost property.

HOMEWORK CLUB: Your child will have to get used to doing homework.  Many children stay in school at the homework Club to do this.  This finishes at 4.30 p.m most days and 4.00pm on Wednesday.  (Our very well resourced centre – ‘The Hub’ - is also open at lunchtime).

Remember – if you have any queries of any kind, do not hesitate to contact us.
If we are busy we will definitely get back to you if you leave a message.

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