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Results Day

This year our year 11 pupils will be given Teacher Assessed Grades which are given by their teachers based on the grade that they can evidence from the students work.

Due to the current guidelines and the extensive summer works programme, limiting access to site, results day will look a little different to previous years.

Results day will be on 12th August with results being sent directly to your parent app and the student's email address in the morning.

We understand this may be disappointing to some and to ensure we offer support to our students we are also offering drop-in sessions between 10.30am - 12.30pm in the school canteen.

This will give the opportunity to get support if you cannot access the results we send. 

It is important to note that no results can be changed during this drop-in session. 

How will my child find out their grade/s?

Grades will be released for year 11 on the 12th August.

These will be emailed to the students email account and sent out via parent app message.

There will be a small number of staff in school to help with any technical problems with the results. Please note that no results can be changed on the day. If you would like to appeal the grade agreed by the exam board please see our website for further details. 

What about appeals?

Your teacher has received training, support and guidance on how to determine your teacher assessed grades and there are checks in place to make sure their judgements are fair and as consistent as possible.

Every year there are students who are disappointed with the grade they achieved. If you are disappointed with your grade you might want to consider whether you could sit exams in the autumn to improve your grade. If you are concerned your grade is wrong there is an appeals process. If you appeal, your grade can go up, down or stay the same. 

The appeals process will involve pupils first asking schools to check for administrative errors before escalating appeals to exam boards. Exam boards will then consider whether grades issued were a “reasonable exercise of academic judgement”.  Results will only be deemed to be incorrect “where the original decision represents an unreasonable application of academic judgement”. The exam board will then check the evidence submitted by the student and the grade awarded. From this they will make a decision if the grade should be changed. 

More information on the TAG and appeal process can be found on this link Student guide to awarding: summer 2021 (publishing.service.gov.uk)

Deadlines for submitting the requests for initial appeals process is outlined on the Appeals policy found on our website (this page). This policy will outline the full formal processes of which you need to follow in the event of an appeal request.

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