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SOS - report a safeguarding concern

COVID19 Communications and Learning Resources

This area was created due to the number of changes being announced in a short space of time.

We wanted to create an area on our website where we could inform you of such changes and answer some of the questions that you may have.

We hope that you find this area helpful, and ask that you use this page to keep up to date with school news related to Covid 19.

We will add some frequently asked questions/useful information below. To the side, we will add useful documents that may help or inform you. We will update this area, as needed to ensure we share any information that we feel is useful for our students, families and community.


How are school keeping my child safe at this time?

On this page we have saved our safeguarding policy and also the risk assessment. These documents highlight the steps that school are taking to keep our pupils, staff and each other safe.

These documents can be found under 'What School is Doing to Keep Staff and Pupils Safe' on the side bar. 


How are you caring for my child's wellbeing?

We know these have been unprecedented times and that we have all experienced this past year in different ways.

To support our students, we have increased the size of our pastoral support team and continue to have 25 minutes a day dedicated to form time activities and support for young people with a consistent member of staff.

We have also developed a bespoke PSHCE curriculum to support our pupils and will be highlighting our mental health support package in school.

If you have concerns that you would like to discuss with school, please do not hesitate to speak with the Pastoral Year Lead for your child. You can do this by contacting school.

Where can I find information about the home test kits?

The home test is a a simple swab test. It takes around 30 minutes to find out if you have the virus as it detects viral proteins that are present when someone has Covid-19.

Research from Public Health England and Oxford University shows that they pick up the vast majority of people in the most infectious stage of the disease. With up to 1 in 3 people who have the virus showing no symptoms – they could be spreading it without knowing.

If you test positive it is important to let school know as soon as possible. 

If you have tested positive, you can also check to see if you are eligible for the £500 Test and Trace Support Payment.

Testing should take place twice a week, ideally on a Sunday and Thursday. We will send out regular reminders, and no longer ask you to complete the school link as we want to make this process as simple as possible. Please do record your results with NHS and let school know of any positive results.

Regular rapid testing is for those without symptoms of Coronavirus. If you have symptoms, you should continue to book through nhs.uk/coronavirus

We have added some step by step guides in our side menu to assist you in using these test kits at home along with the letter that will be issued with the kits. We have added information in different languages, easy read, large print and also a video to assist you in completing these tests at home. These can all be found on the side menu under: Home Test Kit Guides

SOS - report a safeguarding concern