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SOS - report a safeguarding concern


Important News about Parent App.

We will save letters that are sent to Parent/Carers within this section of our website.

What we have learned, with the coronavirus pandemic, is how important communication is. We want to make sure that we can contact you and keep you updated with all that you need to know about school life and the achievements of your child.

The easiest way that you can keep updated is through our Parent App where important communications can be delivered straight to your phone meaning you will not miss anything.

We have sent details of how you can download this app. To install Parent App you must have an email address. If you have not received this email please let us know so that we can update our systems. 

If you have not received an email from noreply@sims.co.uk please let us know.

From September 2021 we will use Parent App for all school communications. 

Please note, that we will now save all Covid 19 communications and resources in a new area on our website called COVID19 Communications and Learning Resources

SOS - report a safeguarding concern