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SOS - report a safeguarding concern


School Uniform

We require and insist upon high standards of appearance and students are expected to wear the correct uniform, worn smartly at all times - in school and out - when representing our school domestically and overseas. At Hazel Wood High School we lay great stress on the importance of our smart school uniform in creating an inspiring atmosphere of discipline, commitment and respect.

  • Grey Blazer with Hazel Wood High School Badge on the top pocket
  • White Shirt to be tucked in at the waist
  • Hazel Wood High School Tie to be worn
  • Hazel Wood High School Pleated Skirt (Leggings may NOT be worn underneath the skirt, only tights are allowed)
  • Grey Trousers. The material must be the same as the blazer. No jeans and not tight fitting
  • Black Socks, Grey or Black Tights
  • Footwear - Black leather SHOES, no pumps/trainers or branded trainer shoes
  • Jewellery - Only small pair of studs/sleepers are permitted. No other piercings allowed
  • No make-up or nail varnish should be worn

For further details on how the uniform should be worn please see the attachments. Details of how to order uniform, and where from, are also added as an attachment for you.

Grey trousers, checked skirt, white shirt, grey sweater, grey blazer, school tie and children must wear black shoes.

Jewellery should not be worn in school, with the exception of small stud earrings. For PE these may need to be removed or taped.

Mobile Phones

Pupils are allowed to bring mobile phones to school for emergency use only. Phones should be switched off and should remain in a safe place such as an inside Blazer pocket. If a pupil feels that they need to use their phone during the school day, they must see their Form Tutor or Head of Year to ask for permission. If a pupil is found to be using their phone without permission, it will be confiscated and kept in student services. The first time this happens, the pupil may be allowed to collect their phone at the end of the school day. If a pupil continues to use their phone without permission, the phone may be confiscated and Parents/Carers asked to come and collect it. The pupil may then be asked to deposit their phone with their Form Tutor or Head of Year each morning for a fixed period until they can be trusted not to attempt to use it.

External speakers and earphones are not allowed in school and if seen will be confiscated.

SOS - report a safeguarding concern