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School Uniform

The Hazel Wood High School uniform is an extremely important part of our pupils belonging to the school community. We have high expectations and standards for our pupils. When wearing our uniform, pupils represent our school and our values of respect, responsibility and aspiration.

School uniform expectations are as follows:

  • School Blazer: Grey Blazer with Hazel Wood High School Badge on the top pocket.
  • Shirt: A long or short-sleeved white shirt must be worn and the top button must be fastened.
  • Sweatshirt: There is an optional grey sweatshirt students can choose to wear, as well as the compulsory blazer. Other non-school sweatshirts/jumpers (including hoodies) are to be stored in a student's bag on arrival to school and not worn at any time during the school day.
  • Tie: Pupils must wear a clip-on tie bought from school or our designated supplier (Macron). If a tie is broken, students will be able to purchase a replacement from the school (item will be charged via parent pay) or from the designated supplier (Macron).
  • Trousers/Skirt: Pupils can wear either trousers or a skirt, but they must be purchased from Macron and cannot be adjusted in any way. The skirt cannot be turned over at the waist or shortened, and must reach the top of the knee. If the skirt or trousers are altered in any way, the student will be expected to purchase a new item from the designated uniform shop immediately.
  • Socks: Must be black in colour. No ankle/trainer socks are permitted, nor any branded/frilly socks. Additionally, socks must not be worn above the knee.
  • Tights: It is compulsory for girls to wear tights in half terms 1-5. They must be 40+ denier, black in colour. No leggings are allowed.
  • Shoes: Plain black leather or faux leather. No trainers, no pumps, no boots. Please see additional information on shoes. Shoes must be a traditional design. Absolutely no trainer-like shoes will be allowed. Please ask a member of staff if unsure of the design before purchasing.
  • Jewellery: The only item of jewellery allowed is one pair of small (0.5cm diameter), plain earrings to be worn in the ear lobe. All other forms of jewellery are strictly forbidden, this includes; nose studs, eyebrow studs, additional ear lobe piercings, tongue piercings, bracelets, rings and neck chains.
  • Make-up: No make-up is to be worn. Acrylic/false nails are not permitted. Nail varnish is not permitted.
  • Hoodies: Can be worn to and from school, but must be placed into the pupil’s bag on arrival to school. They cannot be carried or tied around the waist, or over the shoulders.
  • Hair: Must be natural colours in a neat and tidy style. Any accessories in the hair must be natural coloured or red. Designer lines shaved into hair or extreme styles are not permitted.
  • Hijab: Must be plain black with no patterns, jewels etc.
  • School bag: Pupils must use an appropriately sized waterproof bag to carry their books and equipment. It should hold A4-sized workbooks comfortably without causing any damage. School bags featuring inappropriate images, slogans or phrases are not permitted. The school encourages pupils to bring inexpensive bags to school. The school will not be liable for lost or damaged school bags.

For further details on how the uniform should be worn please see the attachments. Details of how to order uniform, and where from, are also added as an attachment for you.

Uniform Supplier

Our school uniform supplier is Macron and items can be purchased from the Macron Store, Bury (Unit 1A, Off Bright Street, Bury, BL9 6AQ) or via the Macron online shop for Hazel Wood High School: www.macronsports.co.uk/hazelwood.

Uniform items purchased from Macron should not be altered in any way. 

Mobile Phones and Audio Equipment

Pupils are allowed to bring mobile phones to school for emergency use only. Phones should be switched off and should remain in a safe place such as an inside blazer pocket. If a pupil feels that they need to use their phone during the school day, they must see their Form Tutor or Pastoral Year Leader to ask for permission.

If a pupil is found to be using their phone without permission, it will be confiscated. The first time this happens, the pupil may be allowed to collect their phone at the end of the school day. If a pupil continues to use their phone without permission, the phone may be confiscated, and Parents/Carers asked to come and collect it. The pupil may then be asked to deposit their phone with their Form Tutor or Pastoral Year Leader each morning for a fixed period until they can be trusted not to attempt to use it.

External speakers and earphones are not allowed in school and if seen will be confiscated.

SOS - report a safeguarding concern