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We are currently in transition to our new Curriculum, this new curriculum approach is outlined in our intent statement below, we call this our ‘Learning Journey’

The Hazel Wood Learning Journey

Our aim is to provide a curriculum that upholds our core values of Respect, Responsibility & Aspiration. The Hazel Wood learning journey provides opportunities for our diverse and disadvantaged community to bridge gaps and build aspirations. It places our students on the right path to compete with their peers and fulfil their hopes of a successful and positive future.

We aim to provide a curriculum that offers both breadth and depth at the right stages of learning and also maintains the integrity of individual subjects. Our learning journey is sequenced to build both knowledge and key skills. We are committed to following the National Curriculum complimented at KS3 by a range of engaging subjects which offer our students a variety of transferrable skills and at KS4 a choice of qualifications for our young people to study.

Our Curriculum places an emphasis on spoken language and literacy, particularly reading. We aim to offer our students a wide range of opportunities for structured talk the development of their literacy skills and collaborative learning.

Our learning journey places an emphasis on personal, social, health and citizenship education to build well developed, healthy and resilient young people. We aim to ensure our young people are work ready through Careers opportunities developed across our entire curriculum. They can take part in curricular and extra-curricular opportunities that enrich their lives providing experiences to build cultural capital and positive memories of their time at Hazel Wood High School.

Our learning journey recognises and celebrates cultural diversity; it aims to be fully inclusive and recognises that inclusivity can be different and personal.

Hazel Wood High School

The Learning Journey

The Hazel Wood student will be ….

  • Respectful, Responsible & Aspiration
  • Equipped to overcome barriers and disadvantage.
  • Positive about diversity and respectful of cultures
  • Healthy in body and mind, safe and happy
  • Given opportunities to develop their reading, literacy and spoken language.
  • Given opportunities to enrich their lives with experiences that provide lasting positive memories and lifelong learning.
  • Given guidance on Careers and aspirations that makes them life ready.
  • Well qualified in a variety of Skills and appropriate knowledge
  • Given every opportunity to be included and to succeed.


We are currently following the process outlined below;

We have new Hazel Wood documentation appropriate to the curriculum intent and school development plan. SLT will deploy these at appropriate stages. This is in the initial stages on the plan and a working progress with thorough and effective quality assurance throughout the process.

  1. Current focus on Hazel Wood Medium Term Plans at KS3 with a review of the whole curriculum to be delivered to students. These should be relevant for our demographic and ensure they cover the National Curriculum key points of study
  2. Further plans on Hazel Wood Medium Term Plans at KS4 with a review of the whole curriculum to be delivered to students. These should be relevant for our demographic and ensure they cover relevant and suitable qualifications.
  3. Further plans to release a Hazel Wood Learning Journey long term plan for their 5-year subject overview
  4. Further developments in the individual lesson plan implementation  
  5. Further development of whole school curriculum planning and linking cross curricular themes, knowledge and skills where appropriate.
  6. Planning and delivery will be measured through;
  • Audits of paperwork
  • Learning Walks of delivery
  • Book scrutinies
  • Homework audits
  • The above measures will be triangulated with the data analysis documentation (TOAP & SOAP) where staff have identified students in wave 1, 2 and 3 interventions.


On this website you will find our old curriculum plans and our new plans will be added, clearly labelled and old ones removed at the various stages of completion.

You will find full and comprehensive information in the attached Curriculum Policy

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